Your Moving Checklist
Congratulations! You've got a big move coming up. We know how stressful the moving process can be, so we've prepared a checklist to help you for the months, weeks, and days to come.

2 months out

  • Confirm your moving date
  • Book movers or ask friends & family to help
  • Arrange home insurance for your new home
  • Transfer school, medical records, financial, legal and vet records to your new home
  • Take measurements of your new home
  • Begin purging your belongings. Separate items to keep, donate or discard.

1 month out

  • Gather packing supplies (E.g. boxes, bubblewrap, packing tape, etc…)
  • Pack what you can, one room at a time. Don’t forget to label your boxes with what’s inside and which room you want it to go to in your new place!
  • Discontinue or transfer utilities and essential services to your new address (E.g. hydro, gas, water, internet, phone, etc…)
  • Complete change of address at or visit your local post office
  • Notify banks, postal office, credit card companies, etc. of your new address
  • If applicable, reserve elevator for move day
  • Start to use things that you don’t want to move – E.g. frozen or perishable food items, cleaning supplies, etc…
  • Create a floorplan for your new home and plan where you want to place your furniture
  • Separate valuables and fragile items that you will move yourself (E.g. TV, plants, etc…)

2 weeks out

  • Review plan with moving company
  • Confirm any services that might be required on moving day (E.g. cleaners, internet)
  • Take photos of valuable items just in case you need to file a claim in the event of damage during your move (furniture, appliances, etc…)
  • Assemble a folder of important info about your house for the next home owner
  • Call your utilities to take final readings and keep a copy of your bill or report
  • Trasfer utilities or connect new services online

1 week out

  • Make sure you label all of your boxes clearly, especially things you’ll need right away such as ‘bed linens’ – You’ll be eager to get a good night’s sleep!
  • Pack moving day essentials – Snacks, scissors, garbage bags, water, etc…
  • Drain gas and oil from lawn equipment, gas grills, heaters
  • Drain water from hoses, waterbeds

Moving Day

  • Place carpet, floor, and door frame protectors throughout your home
  • Load goods in a pre-designated order, saving ‘last load’ items for the rear of your shipment
  • Check every room and closet to ensure nothing is left behind
  • Leave a note with your new address so that future residents can forward any stray mail.
  • Leave all applicable manuals, mailbox keys/extra keys (include mailbox location and number) and door openers on the kitchen counter for the new buyers
  • Say ‘Good bye’ to your neighbours!

Moving In

  • Place carpet, floor, and door frame protectors throughout your home
  • Make sure everything is in working condition and make repairs before your moving truck arrives
  • Clean your new home
  • Pick up any mail being held at the post office
  • Unload items and begin organizing your new home
  • Say ‘Hello’ to new neighbours
  • Enjoy your new home!

Week after your move

  • Pick up new blue boxes & recycling bins
  • Pick up green bins & compost bins
  • Change of address with businesses, friends and family.