Home Security
One really important topic that some people may overlook is security. To make things easy for you, we've done the legwork and provided you with some great checklists for your outdoor, indoor and vacation security!

Outdoor Security

  • Are doors fitted with deadbolt locks?
  • Are your doors of solid construction
  • Do your doors fit their frames snugly?
  • Do you have deadbolt locks inside doors that are not within arms reach of windows?
  • Do you lock your porch and garage?
  • Do you lock your doors when away from home for short periods?
  • Do you lock the doors out of your view when working in the yard?
  • Do you avoid leaving keys hidden near access doors?
  • Are your windows fitted with locks and do you lock them?
  • Do you have a Charlie Bar or secondary lock for sliding doors and  window?
  • Do you keep tools, ladders, etc. in places that are inaccessible to  potential burglars?
  • Do you have a peephole or interview grill in your door?  
  • When you move to a new residence do you hire a reliable locksmith  to re-key all locks?

Indoor Security

  • Do you ask for identification before allowing unknown service-men into your home?
  • Do you refuse to provide information regarding your property to telephone surveys?
  • Do you avoid leaving valuables, coin collections or large amounts of cash at home?
  • Do you leave lights on and a radio playing when out for short periods?
  • Have you marked your valuables or recorded serial numbers for identification?

Vacation Security

  • Do you notify a neighbour of your travel plans and provide a key with a request for a periodic house check?
  • Do you leave window shades in the normal positions?
  • Do you cancel all deliveries?
  • Do you make arrangements for your yard to be kept up and any mail or brochures to be picked up?
  • Do you use a light timer or interior and exterior lights?