Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator Get a feel for what you can afford with this convenient Mortgage Calculator! Simply fill out each field and you’ll get an estimate for what your monthly mortgage payment will be based on your projected purchase price, down payment, mortgage term and interest rate. And if you have any questions, we’re happy to […]

Buying and Selling during COVID

Buying & Selling during COVIDGiven the current pandemic, we understand the care and safety precautions that are necessary to keep our clients safe. What is allowed during Covid? As an essential service, Real Estate is permitted to continue. But to ensure both buyers and sellers are safe, the following safety measures have been implemented. Appointment […]


Your Moving ChecklistCongratulations! You’ve got a big move coming up. We know how stressful the moving process can be, so we’ve prepared a checklist to help you for the months, weeks, and days to come. 2 months out Confirm your moving date Book movers or ask friends & family to help Arrange home insurance for […]

Energy Efficiency

Energy EfficiencyHere’s a quick guide that will help you save energy and money for your home! Optimize your home energy consumption and reduce your energy bills with this easy-to-use guide. It will flag areas that you should  periodically examine in and around your home to find energy-wasting trouble spots. It also includes some preventative maintenance […]

Service Providers

Service ProvidersSometimes it’s difficult to get a complete picture of all of the available service providers in a new neighbourhood. Not to worry! We’ve got you covered! We’ve got a complete list of local service providers all in one place for your covenience! Duct Cleaning David Murdoch, DMDC Air Duct Cleaning (416) 305-4491 Electrician Kyle […]

Change of Address

Change of Address We know that getting settled in a new home involves taking care of many time-consuming details, so we’ve included a ‘Moving/Change of address’ checklist to help you keep track of everyone you want to notify. We consider it part of our job to help make your moving experience as easy and enjoyable […]

Home Maintenance

Home Maintenance Your FREE Home Maintenance Checklist MONTHLY Replace furnace fliters to run your furnace more efficiently and improve your air quality Check fire extinguishers Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors Clean range hood filter Check water softener and replenish with salt if necessary Check indoor and outdoor air vents for any blockages ANNUALLY In […]

Home Security

Home SecurityOne really important topic that some people may overlook is security. To make things easy for you, we’ve done the legwork and provided you with some great checklists for your outdoor, indoor and vacation security! Outdoor Security Are doors fitted with deadbolt locks? Are your doors of solid construction Do your doors fit their frames snugly? Do you have deadbolt locks inside doors that are not within arms reach of windows? Do you lock your porch and garage? Do you lock your doors when away from home for short periods? Do you lock the doors out of your view when working in the yard? Do you avoid leaving keys hidden near access doors? Are your windows fitted with locks and do you lock them? Do you have a Charlie Bar or secondary lock for sliding doors and  window? Do you keep tools, ladders, etc. in places that […]

Finding the Right Realtor

Finding the Right RealtorFinding the right Realtor is like any working relationship. Do they have the same values as you, does their approach resonate with you, do they have the experience and knowledge to represent your best interests? Don’t leave this important decision to chance. Do your homework with our fool proof tips! We […]

Buyer’s Guide

Previous Next BUYER’S GUIDE With your eyes closed, imagine your morning routine, waking up, opening your eyes, and what do you see? Sometimes what we envision is strangely similar to our current routine. But sometimes we envision something more grand, maybe with a beautifully landscaped backyard that you’d always wanted, or the perfect reading nook. With our easy guide, […]